Village of Addison, New York - A USA on Watch Community
About Us
Serving the community to make everyone safer.
USA on Watch, formerly Neighborhood watch, would like to remind you that it is everyone's responsibility to help keep your neighborhood safe.  If you see anything that looks suspicious, doesn't look right or looks out of the ordinary, call your local police department and report it.  Let the Police Department decide if it needs further investigation.  Together we can make a difference.  
The USA on Watch group would also like to remind everyone to be sure and check the NYS Sex Offender list for the most current list of sex offenders.  Check the list, you just might be surprised.  You can also check the
 local sex offender list through the Steuben County website.    
Four USA on Watch members: Tom Benjamin, Cari Kirchhoff,
Frank Cook, and Vern Dickerson.
USA on Watch members, Tom Benjamin, Robert England, and Arnold Champlain placing a sign at the west end of the Village
USA on Watch president, Frank Cook, along with Scott Greene, and Ray Walch place more signs throughout the village. 
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